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Data Center Maintenance

Data Center Maintenance

IT departments are responsible for managing increasingly complex manufacturer support agreements that are consuming larger portions of the businesses overall IT budget. Businesses find themselves with fewer resources to innovate as precious IT dollars are allocated towards operating expenses (OPEX). Feeling these financial pressures, decision makers today are exploring non-traditional methods to data center maintenance.

The two most common options are manufacturer (or OEM) maintenance programs or going with a third-party provider. When considering your options you need to look for reliable service providers and not necessarily base your decisions exclusively based on price. Vista IT Group can help you successfully evaluate your options. Working directly with manufacturers and third-party providers, we can offer a holistic support strategy while helping you save substantial sums of money on your annual maintenance budget.

OEM Maintenance

All manufacturers offer their own maintenance programs. OEMs allow you to easily uplift the standard manufacturer warranty and response times on their products through extended warranties usually purchased at the point of sale. If your environment consists of proprietary, out of warranty, or legacy products, you can go with customized support agreements. Various levels of support are available based on what equipment you have and what your internal support requirements are. Vendor support agreements for proprietary hardware, operating systems and applications are used extensively in corporate environments and are one of the costliest and most labor intensive responsibilities of IT departments today.

Vista IT Group will work with you and the manufacturer to ensure the correct level of support and that everything is one in one coterminous renewal date. Through our auditing process, we often find decommissioned or unnecessary items on contract. Our renewals tracking database will even notify you electronically of upcoming warranty expirations on covered hardware. Off-loading the administrative burden of monthly or annual maintenance contracts saves you time, money and improves the accuracy of your support agreements.

Third Party Maintenance

Third party maintenance providers often offer the same level expertise as the OEM’s, but typically at a substantial cost savings compared to manufacturer support. Vista IT Group’s exhaustive screening process ensures that we represent only the most reputable and well established third party maintenance companies in the country. Having strategically partnered with a select few third-party maintenance providers ensures we can offer national coverage while maintaining a consistent standard of service that puts your interests first.

Leveraging Both Options

We work with you to create the right combination of manufacturer and third-party support options that addresses your hardware and software support requirements. Our unique capabilities allow us to create hybrid support agreements that combines manufacturer software and application support along with third party maintenance agreements. This will enable you to receive critical software updates that you need, get coverage you need while driving down your annual support costs.

Advantages of a Hybrid Maintenance Strategy

  • Substantial savings compared to manufacturer service plans
  • Access to critical operating system and firmware updates
  • Coverage for virtually every OEM
  • Nationwide coverage model
  • Improved Service Level Agreements
  • Extended product lifecycle support
  • Consolidated vendor and contract management
  • Multi-vendor co-term agreements
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Consolidated monthly billing

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