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As a one of the oldest and most established Value Added Resellers in the country, Vista IT Group sells more new technology products than we do refurbished datacenter equipment. We do believe however that, when applicable, providing our customers with both new and refurbished options is a unique way of offering value and cost reducing alternatives most manufacturers and technology resellers wouldn't consider or can't offer.

We understand you may have some questions when considering the purchase of refurbished technology products. That is why we're committed to educating our customers when considering refurbished computer equipment for the first time, certain use cases, or expanding its usage into additional manufacturers in their environment. After more than 30 years in the technology industry, Vista possess deep subject matter expertise in the refurbished marketplace that allows us leverage the best pricing and product availability between new, refurbished and remanufactured solutions. All of this effort is to do what's best for you and through a little education, your organization has to the potential to fundamentally change how you consume technology.


What are remanufactured products?

Remanufactured products are programs that virtually every original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of IT equipment has to address the ebb and flow of billions of dollars' worth of products through an intricate and vast supply chain. Consisting of the full product suite from every manufacturer, inventory is sourced internally through demo programs, seed units, over production, distributor returns, cancelled orders, and customer returns. Remanufactured products offer a great cost savings alternative and often come with the same or similar warranty.

What are refurbished products?

Refurbished products are products that go through our own exhaustive remanufacturing process in our state of the art technology center and logistics facility. Priced far below manufacturers remanufactured products, our refurbished products typically come from similar sources as remanufactured products but certain warranty attributes are not consistent or cannot be verified. Because of these inconsistent warranty attributes, Vista offers its own Lifetime Limited Warranty along with OEM extended warranty options.

Vista's multi-million dollar inventory of refurbished products includes the latest technologies from every major OEM, in addition to hard to find and end-of-life products.

What warranty does Vista offer?

We've got the best warranty in the business. Plus we have the unique capability of offering manufacturer warranty options for new and refurbished that allow us to co-term manufacturer warranties for seem less support of your data center. For specific warranty details, please refer to our warranty terms and conditions page.

When is refurbished an option?

  • Legacy application dependencies
  • SLA obligations for legacy environments
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Immediate availability needs
  • Test and development environments
  • Short term capacity requirements

What should I look for when buying remanufactured or refurbished?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you buy remanufactured or refurbished products. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What's the condition?
    Is it new, remanufactured or refurbished? Knowing what you are buying is just as important as knowing who you are buying it from. Make sure and check the company to make sure they fully disclose what you are buying.
  • What's the warranty?
    The most important things to know is how long is the warranty and who is offering it. It is from the manufacturer? Is it coming from the reseller? A lot of that will depend on the condition of the product. How does the seller handle their own warranty? How long is it? Is it the same for all products? Who pays for shipping? Is the warranty advance replacement or do it have to return for repair or replacement? How long has the company been around? Do they have the resources to honor their warranty?
  • Ask about return policies
    What is their process for handling warranty and replacement of defective products within the warranty period?
  • How long has the company been in business?
    The difference between working with an established, reputable company that has its own infrastructure, integration and logistics capabilities is immeasurable when working with organizations that have on average larger than normal IT spend.
  • What kind of technical support do they have?
    Does your seller is actually doing the refurbishing themselves or are they offering manufacturer remanufactured products. In either case, do they have a knowledgeable technical staff that can help me if I run into a problem? How many technicians do they have? What kind of technical certifications do they have?

Dell Recertified & HPE Renew

These products are not the same as used or refurbished items. The difference is that these items are put through an exhaustive second manufacturing and testing process in HP or Dell factories. This ensures that HPE Renew and Dell Recertified hardware offer the same reliability, performance, and warranty as new products.


  • Same warranty as new manufacturer's warranty
  • Ships in manufacturer's box
  • Same uplift support options
  • Highly discounted - up to 70% off list

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