The PS4000 series of Dell iSCSI storage arrays is designed to specifically fit the requirements of enterprise environments such as remote offices and small to medium-sized businesses. With enterprise features including thin-provisioning, snapshots, multi-path I/O, and multi-way data replication, Dell EqualLogic PS4000 iSCSI SANs have the capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of your IT infrastructure – including consolidation, virtualization and storage deployments – at no additional cost to you.

Since Dell EqualLogic PS4000 arrays are designed based on a frameless SAN architecture, they are able to expand with your company as it experiences growth by becoming an enterprise-class SAN with the addition of a PS6000 array. Additionally, EqualLogic PS4000 arrays now feature SATA drives, as well as offering the option of midrange or high-performance SAS drives – depending on the requirements of your application. As a result, PS4000 arrays provide both the benefit of an innovative, virtualized architecture as well as comprehensive software features.

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