1810G Series Switches

If there’s one thing that Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1810G switches don’t mess around with, it’s security. And well, everything else considering inanimate objects rarely “mess around” with things – but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  SO, with that being said, HPE 1810G switches are pretty much the Fort Knox of the switch world. Some of the features that allow 1810G switches to take security to such a high level include loop protection software to maximize performance, automatic denial of service to protect the network from malicious attacks, dual images to protect against network down time, broadcast and storm control to protect the network from any potential slowdowns, and HTTPS support for an exceptionally secure management connection to the 1810G. And on top of all that, HPE ProCurve 1810G switches feature easy, one-click security mode settings to ensure that all of these amazing, NFL-Linebacker-esque security features are convenient to use.

Yet, HPE 1810G’s are well-rounded switches with so much more to them than just their amazing security features. As a part of their repertoire, HPE 1810G fixed-configuration switches also offer fantastic management features. For instance, HP 1810G managed switches are equipped with both automatic physical low power mode and LEDS power down mode, which are these particular HP ProCurve switches to efficiently manage their overall energy levels. And with an improved web management interface, the management of these smart 1810G switches is easy to do. Another reason that HP 1810G switches are so well-rounded is that there are 2 different models within the series. These models include 1810G-8 (J9449A) and 1810G-24 (J9450A) switches, which share all of these features in addition to some unique ones of their own. An example of a unique feature of the 1810G-8 is that they can be powered directly from a Power over Ethernet (PoE0 switch, while a unique feature of 1810G-24 switches is that they offer jumbo frame support.

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