FAS All-Flash Storage

NetApp FAS2650

The NetApp FAS Hybrid and A-Series of all flash arrays are purpose built for consolidated SAN and NAS environments where advanced data services and native cloud integrations are a requirement. With shared storage environments that can start with as few as 12 drives and scale to systems that are comprised of more than 17,000 drives and millions IOPS, NetApp as a primary storage solution can fit any use case.

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Features & Capabilities

One of the things that makes NetApp unique is its ability to use flash storage in multiple ways to increase performance while keeping costs, management, and footprint down. Additionally, the advanced data services, powered by Data ONTAP9, include application integrated backup capabilities, deduplication, Flash Cache, Flash Pool, replication, and Metro Cluster support.

Predictive Analytics & Proactive Support

Active IQ, formerly AutoSupport, provides predictive analytics and proactive support for all NetApp platforms. Active IQ saves NetApp users over $600M annually by providing recommendations for optimizing configurations, automated upgrade alerts for software and firmware, as well as the ability to stay ahead of rapid growth demands.

Model Comparison Chart

Models FAS2720 FAS8200 AFF A300
Max HDD/SSD 144 480 384
Max Raw Capacity 1440TB 4800TB 11.7PB
Max onboard Flash Cache 1TB 4TB NA
Max Flash Pool 24TB 72TB NA
Max Memory 64GB 256GB 256GB
Unified Ports/Ethernet (built in) 8 8 8
Cluster Ports 4 x 10Gb 4 x 10Gb  4 x 10Gb 
Onboard 12Gb SAS 4 8 8
Expansion Slots 0 4 4
SAN Scale Out Nodes 12 12 12
NAS Scale Out Nodes 24 24 24

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