Data Center

Data Center Core Competency

Traditional data centers are becoming more agile.  Decision makers want environments that can quickly respond to the ever changing demands of the business.  Applications and data have to always be available, secure, and simple to manage.  Expectations placed on IT today have become unrealistic as once traditional tasks have gotten complicated with the adoption of hybrid cloud environments in continual efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiencies (or…deliver flexibility to the business).   That is why choosing the partner who can help you manage the expectations of a modern data center and with the resources to help you do something about it is more important than ever.

Over the years, Vista has developed very specific and highly customizable programs that allows customers to consolidate their information technology needs into one provider who understands how to take care of technology.  We learned how to do this a long time ago, so our customers could move Beyond IT.

Strategic Relationships

We have established relationships with leading technology providers, including Cisco, HPE, Lenovo, Veeam, VMware, and more. These relationships allow us to support our customers all over the world through technical, logistical and engineering expertise in a broad range infrastructure products. Our team can help you find a solution no matter what the product is or where your environment is located. Learn More

Contract Administration

Managing enterprise software licensing and contracts can be a massive and tedious undertaking. We have created a Contract Administration service designed specifically to alleviate this burden. We'll keep track of everything so you don’t have to, even contract expiration dates!

Technology Rentals

From one component to complete data centers, no matter how simple or complex your temporary technology needs are, leverage the technological and financial flexibility our unique rental program offers to solve a myriad of business issues. Renting allows you to address immediate technology needs, while using customized payment plans designed to fit your budget. For over 3 decades, customers have taken advantage of our rental program in all sorts of creative ways to address the dynamically changing technology needs of running a business. Learn More

Data Center Maintenance

IT departments are responsible for managing increasingly complex manufacturer support agreements that are consuming larger portions of the businesses overall IT budget. Businesses find themselves with fewer resources to innovate as precious IT dollars are allocated towards operating expenses (OPEX).  Feeling these financial pressures, decision makers today are exploring non-traditional methods to data center maintenance. We work directly with manufacturers and third-party providers to offer a holistic support strategy while helping you save substantial sums of money on your annual maintenance budget. Learn More

Asset Recovery

We have decades of re-marketing experience and a well-established global network of trading partners to turn your decommissioned technology into working capital. Our team of asset recovery experts will work with you to get the highest possible value for your re-marketable data center equipment. Learn More

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