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Supply Chain

Vista IT Group has a deep history and known expertise in supply chain management in the technology industry. From incredibly fast deliver of custom configured products, maintaining dedicated inventory for our customers, to strategic positions on end-of-life, and refurbished hardware, Vista covers all aspects of technology consumption for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Inventory & Logistics

We have a well-established supply chain and developed strategic relationships with industry leading manufacturers which allow us to stock millions of dollars of new and legacy products. Our logistics team has what it takes to get the product where it needs to be, on-time and ready to go. Learn More

Rapid Response Quoting & Order Fulfillment

Vista makes the quoting, ordering and delivery of your technology easier than you ever thought possible. Our account managers are highly technical and often able to validate most questions early in the engagement process. In fact, we have a well-established track record of delivering products and solutions often before other technology providers can respond to a request for a proposal or provide a bill-of-material. Learn More

Lifecycle management

We've experienced first-hand the impact supply chain disruptions, model or option discontinuances can have on an organizations ability to keep their projects moving forward or more importantly, their businesses running. Vista leverages industry relationships, global suppliers, and predictive inventory levels to help customers manage through their deployment and life cycle management issues often created by the manufacturers. Learn More

Legacy, Used, & Refurbished

As a one of the oldest and most established Value-Added Resellers in the country, we believe that offering our customers not just new products, but also used, and refurbished options is a key way of providing value. Most manufacturers and other technology resellers typically don’t consider or cannot offer alternative product conditions but it’s part of our business model since 1986. Learn More

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