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Lifecycle Management

Having been in the technology business for over thirty years, we quickly identified the need for a legacy systems practice to help customers through lifecycle management issues.  We've experienced first-hand the impact supply chain disruptions, model or option discontinuances can have on an organizations ability to keep their projects moving forward or more importantly, their businesses running. Customers often found themselves with few alternatives when products they've standardized on suddenly are discontinued or are no longer available from the manufacturer. That is why long ago, we made the promise to our customers that at Vista, nothing ever has, or ever will be, discontinued or go end-of-life.

Vista leverages industry relationships, global suppliers, and predictive inventory levels to help customers manage through their deployment and life cycle management issues often created by the manufacturers.

Part of this service includes an Asset Recovery business unit dedicated exclusively to help customers safely and securely maximize the resale value of their decommissioned technology assets.

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