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Legacy, Used, & Refurbished

Between new, used, and refurbished options, we can find the best pricing and product availability to satisfy our customer technology and budget requirements. Most manufacturers and other technology resellers typically don’t consider or cannot offer alternative product conditions, but it’s been part of our business model since 1986. As a one of the oldest and most established Value-Added Resellers in the country, we’re able to put our resources to work for our customers.

OEM Alternative Product Conditions

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) created alternative product conditions to address the ebb and flow of billions of dollars' worth of products through an intricate and vast supply chain. Inventory is sourced internally through demo programs, seed units, over production, distributor returns, cancelled orders, and customer returns. Alternative product conditions offer a great cost savings alternative and usually include the same warranty and support options as new products.

Cisco Excess
Cisco Excess
Cisco Excess is a specially designated product suite offered by Cisco so customers can purchase Cisco approved used equipment efficiently. Every Cisco Excess product is SMARTnet eligible, licensed with a valid IOS, and has gone through Cisco's testing process. Learn More
Dell Certified Refurbished
Dell Certified Refurbished
Vista is one of only a few resellers to stock Dell's full line of current and legacy PowerEdge servers. All Dell Certified Refurbished products come with the same warranty and extended ProSupport options as new equipment. Learn More 
HPE Genuine Replacement Parts
HPE Renew
HPE Renew equipment has been fully restored to original factory specifications and is certified by HPE. All HPE Renew products are eligible for the same warranty, support, and Pointnext service options as new equipment. Learn More
HPE Genuine Replacement Parts
HPE Genuine Replacement Parts
The HPE spares program is intended to provide immediate access to manufacturer-warranted parts and options for HPE's industry standard ProLiant servers, and networking product lines. Learn More

Vista Certified Refurbished

In addition to OEM’s new and alternative product conditions, we offer Cisco, Dell, HPE, Juniper, and Lenovo data center products in Vista Certified Refurbished condition. These products go through our exhaustive testing procedures in order to meet our like-new standards and regulations. Even better, they are backed by our best-in-the-industry Vista Standard Lifetime Warranty and are often priced far below manufacturer’s new and alternative product conditions. Learn More


It's natural to have questions when considering the purchase of technology with alternative product conditions. We're committed to providing you with the information you need.

When does it make sense to explore alternative product options?

  • Legacy application dependencies
  • SLA obligations for legacy environments
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Immediate availability needs
  • Test and development environments
  • Short term capacity requirements

What are the Advantages of using alternative product conditions instead of new?

  • Same warranty and support options as new manufacturer's warranty
  • Ships in manufacturer's box
  • Same uplift support options
  • Highly discount ed- up to 70% off list
  • SLA obligations for legacy environments

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