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Vanguard - A Precursor. To be at the forefront.

Add Vanguard services to all your data center equipment, regardless of age or origin.

Vanguard is Vista’s customizable service program featuring an a la’ carte approach to hardware maintenance and support. Basic troubleshooting and on-site warranty repair can be paired with operational support to cover firmware updates, patches, health checks, and collaborative support. Even better, our Vanguard services are available for significantly less than OEMs can deliver, all while offering a highly personalized approach to critical support of your infrastructure.


Vanguard Warranty Services

Hardware Services

Vista’s industry-changing Lifetime Standard Warranty is included on all hardware purchased from Vista by end-user customers. Our Foundation Warranty, which includes on-site warranty and repair, can be added to practically any device, of any age, from any manufacturer, no matter where it was purchased. One of the most powerful benefits is that as your infrastructure ages, the less it costs to it maintain. This is because we base our rates on the Fair Market Value of your assets at the time of warranty purchase.

Vanguard Operational Services

Operational Services

Vanguard collaborative services were designed to augment an underlying hardware warranty so that you can work with a single point of contact when troubleshooting issues related to hardware, operating systems, and hypervisors. Vanguard can be extended to cover the assets you already own even if they’re not new and even if you didn’t purchase them from us. Our operational support is priced at a flat rate per-device (regardless of the age of the hardware), which means that your operational support costs never go up. And when coupled with Vista’s Foundation warranty, your underlying hardware support costs will decrease year after year.

Please check the Vista Standard Lifetime Warranty Policy for our complete list of terms and conditions.

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