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Integration Services

Custom Integration

Serving the role as your technology integrator means we provide solutions to your company in ways that are unmatched in the industry. Every solution we offer includes custom integration services at our state of the art Experience Center, freeing you from the time and headaches involved with handling this on site. Imagine how much time your organization could save if every order was custom configured, professionally built and always delivered on time.

Custom Build-to-Order Solutions

By leveraging Vista's datacenter expertise, we offer organizations custom build-to-order solutions right down to the bill-of-material. Our integration services can also include the following a-la cart options:

  • Specific firmware levels
  • Custom RAID configurations
  • IP addressing
  • Rack and cabling
  • Asset tagging
  • Operating System & Custom Image Loading

Custom RAID Configuration

For faster deployment, we will custom configure your RAID levels based on existing standards, the desired level of redundancy, and other specific-to-you environmental factors. This process ensures that your equipment is ready to go before it even leaves our integration center.

Asset Tagging

Asset tagging allows you to assign identifiers to your equipment before arrival, putting a unique identification on both the equipment and on the box to facilitate deployment and inventory management.

Operating System & Custom Image Loading

Minimize downtime and wasted valuable resources by having our engineers preload your preferred operating system to your order prior to shipment. Vista IT Group offers OS loading as an additional service; contact one of our qualified representatives today to discuss your OS loading options.

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